Master Guo Jun in Vancouver, 2012 

Primary Teacher of Chan Community Canada, Master Guo Jun, visited Vancouver August 2012. He has led a 7-day meditation retreat in Denman Island and offered a public talk at SFU during his stay.
Below are some flashback we would like to share with you.

7-day Meditation Retreat on Denman Island

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Letters to Master Guo Jun from Hermitage retreat (August 6, 2012)

Master Guo Jun,

With deep gratitude, I thank-you for coming to the hermitage and sharing Chan teachings. I am sorry that I can not stay longer this week.

I really appreciate the way you teach, It is slow and careful and detailed. I was able to remember much more than I thought I would! Building a little more each day and going back over what we are practicing is very helpful.

Thank-you too, for the music after meals. I liked sitting in the chair temple field and letting the melody surround me.

I will also remember "carrying chairs" and the 'tools' for sorting through the garbage! Please come back.


Dear Master Guo Jun,

What a priviledge to be present ( at least I believe I was awake and present!!!) and in your presence. I arrived Friday night to drop off a friend, and found myself here for 3 days. The method ( tools) you introduced are simple and very helpful, For the first time, I was able to persevere long enough to sit fully and enjoy meditation, My friend here is a follower of Chan and I look forward to her update after her 7 days here,

May your teachings continue and afford many the benefit of practice to come back to ourselves.


Dear Guo Jun Fashi,

Thank-you for all your instructions in "the practice of Zen ( Chan) meditation" It was my first time and I think Iím actually a natural on this. I'm also very humble if you may say.

Seriously, I really enjoyed it. It's giving me more tools to deal with complicated matter on life. However, the best of all, it has given me a little window to see myself. I hope with your teachings I can see the whole house at some point on this life.


Thank- you Master,

For the extra ordinary and practical teachings. In the past meditation work I have experience grace and transformative insights, but they come and go and I have difficulty stabilizing and living them in daily life.

Chan practices are the missing puzzle piece ! Your clear explanations and the power of the lineage you convey so beautifully is indeed a turbo boost into Awareness.

With the 3-1-5 practice especially, I am already discovering a profound difference... a stillness of mind and a calm, abiding sense of simple Presence that continues even post meditation, (this is most unusual for busy-minded me)

Thru this Chan Retreat, I am experiencing the reality- the actuality- that ALL life is meditation- each breath, each shining moment. Such precious singularity.

THANK-YOU for these Blessings and I look forward with much appreciation to deepening this daily practice.

Ps. Thank you also to the volunteers and the hermitage for making this possible.


Public talk at Simon Fraser University (August 11, 2012)

Topic: Creativity and the Arts: A Buddhist-Daoist Dialogue

Master Guo Jun had a dialogue with Professor Crowe at SFU. If you are interested in viewing, please go to the following link:
"Creativity And The Arts: A Buddhist-Daoist Dialogue"