Chan (Zen) Community Canada

The founding vision of Chan (Zen) Community Canada is to apply flexibly and comprehensively the original tradition of the Chinese Chan (Zen) sect -- "Directly applying true mind, Directly realizing true nature and Directly manifesting true wisdom", so that all human beings in the global village can immediately and universally put it to good use in their daily lives and in the worldly societies.

In spite of the essential and profound contents of Chan (Zen), its application is simplicity itself. In fact, this "gateless gate" is changeable in depth, and is applicable to all practitioners. In other words, it is approachable by every practitioner through direct practicing, actualizing and manifesting the pure awareness and profound function of the inherent wisdom.

Chan (Zen) Community Canada is popularizing the Chan (Zen) teachings by way of establishing the local Chan (Zen) Communities, and for the purpose of carrying out the Chan (Zen) practice and compassionate caring. Hence, all Chan (Zen) practitioners in the local Community is able to nourish their intrinsic merits and wisdom so as to contribute to the peace, harmony, altruism and happiness of the worldly communities.

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About the Logo 

The calligraphy logo of Chan (Zen) Community Canada looks like a practitioner meditating, was painted by our primary teacher Chan (Zen) Master Guo-Jun, is actually a Chinese expression of "Emptiness" (i.e. "Sunyata" in Sanskrit or "Ultimate Emptiness", "Emptiness in Its Ultimate Principle" in Chinese)--the essence of Chan (Zen).

From the perspective of Chan (Zen), "Ultimate Emptiness" means "emptiness and existence are non-dualistic", which is asserting the intrinsic unity of illusion & enlightenment, vexation & wisdom, and samsara & nirvana. Therefore, it is feasible to say that enlightenment might occur immediately, without the need to burden oneself with the illusory effort of eradicating vexation and attaining wisdom. For the sudden approach to enlightenment, Chan (Zen) practitioners merely have to totally open up their minds as great as the empty space without bounds, or to the inconceivable non-duality of existence and emptiness just as they are, then the ultimate & complete enlightenment is fully at hand. In other words, as long as the Chan (Zen) practitioner can always maintain the pure awareness of no self-centeredness at every moment, the gateway to Chan (i.e. "Ultimate Emptiness") will open spontaneously.