Our teachers:

Chan Community Canada's primary teacher (Shifu) is Chan Master Guo Jun, a Dharma heir of Master Sheng Yen. He currently resides in Singapore.

Venerable Guojun Fashi received monastic ordainment under Master Song Nian at Mahabodhi Monastery, Singapore. He received lineage transmission in the Chan School of Chinese Buddhism from Master Sheng Yen of Dharma Drum Mountain in Jinshan, Taiwan. He is the 58th generation descendant of Master Lin Ji (?-866) of the Lin Ji School and 53rd generation descendant of Master Dongshan(807-869) in the Cao Dong School. He also received lineage transmission in the Xianshou and Cien School of Chinese Buddhism from Master Qin Yin of Fuhui Monastery in Shulin, Taiwan. He is the 42nd generation of Dharma heirs in both Schools.

Venerable Guojun Fashi was the Deputy Director of Dharma propagation of Singapore Buddhist Federation from 2004 to 2006. Further, he was the Abbot of Dharma Drum Retreat Center, New York, U.S.A from 2005 to 2008. He has been the President of Mahabodhi Monastery Board of Directors, Singapore since 2004 and Abbot of Mahabodhi Monastery, Singapore since 2008. Guojun Fashi has conducted many meditation workshops and retreats. He has taught in various places such as Australia, Croatia, Indonesia, Luxembourg, North America, Poland, Singapore and Switzerland.

Venerable Guojun Fashi has a diploma in Biotechnology from Ngee Ann Polytechnic, Singapore. He also holds degrees in Buddhist Philosophy from Fu Yan Buddhist Institute in Hsinchu, Taiwan and in Psychology and Sociology from Monash University in Melbourne, Australia. He just received Master degree in Buddhism at Sydney University, Australia. In his free time, Guojun Fashi likes to do yoga, Chinese calligraphy, play the Chinese flute, paint and practice Urasenke Japanese tea ceremony.

Introduction for Chan practitioners 

What is Chan (Zen)?

Chan (Zen) is inconceivable and inexpressible. The five principles of Chan which summarize the Chan approach are:

  1. Not relying on words and languages.
  2. A special transmission outside the teachings (In the Chan expression, "Finger Pointing to the Moon." The finger refers to Chan teachings).
  3. Direct pointing to the mind (which is often referred to as the moon).
  4. Insight into the mind and seeing into one's own nature.
  5. Sudden awakening and attaining Buddhahood.

Suggested articles for seasoned Chan practitioners

How to Persevere in Chan Practice

In his discourse, The Essentials of Chan Investigation, the modern Chan Master XuYun (Empty Cloud, 1839-1959) advises all fellow practitioners: "In Chan Investigation, the most important thing is to have an earnest determination to leave birth and death and to generate a persevering mind. Only if there is a persevering mind of earnestness, then the great questioning sensation arises and discrimination, attachment, and vexations will come to an end by themselves. When the time comes, the ripening melon (referring to the realization) will naturally depart from the vine."

Therefore, all Chan practitioners should generate a persevering mind of earnestness in order to fulfill the prerequisite of Investigating Chan, "putting down all conditions, letting not one thought arise." Meanwhile, for accomplishing the purpose of investigating Chan, all Chan practitioners should also have a profound practice and simultaneous experience of the "Chan Package" (One Compound of Chan) which includes 'Chan Mind, Chan Shuttle, and Chan Realization" in the whole process of Chan investigation. The teaching of this "Chan Package" is briefly listed for reference: